...although it seemed to take Ann the length of the lofty song to wind up that powerhouse voice of hers, she found her bearings and left us, seemingly, listening to a recording in our living rooms...

Concert Review: Those Beautiful Heartbreakers

Heart @ Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville — The weather was a bit dreary as excited concertgoers headed to their upgraded seats at Klipsch Music Center. The slight drizzle didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s mood, knowing that they were about to see an overwhelming amount of talent. There was a slight buzz in the air…

For the blow-out-near-twenty-minute climax security disappeared and the crowd rushed the stage, creating as intimate of an atmosphere as can be had at an outdoor venue.

Do You Feel Like We Do

Concert Review: Do You Feel Like Frampton Does?

Peter Frampton & Robert Cray @ The Lawn at White River State Park in Indianapolis — Frampton played favorites, such as “Baby, I Love Your Way” and “(I’ll Give You) Money, the latter of which was highlighted by a brilliant guitar solo by his young-gun second guitar player Adam Lester. Peter Frampton got all the credit until this moment we saw what his second-in-command was packing.

This is one of this author’s personal favorite tracks, and it occurred just as the sun slipped behind the horizon and the stage was thrown into a wash of dim UV and blue lighting.

Seven Devils

Concert Review: FloMac Brings It Back

Florence & The Machine @ The Lawn at White River State Park in Indianapolis — As the time approached for Florence and her machine to make their entrance, the golden hour light of sunset fell perfectly behind the stage providing a bold, heavenly glow to the band as they took their places. The sweet beginning notes of “Only If For A Night” fell on the crowd’s ears as Florence came into view. The static excitement erupted from the crowd and set the ball rolling for what would indeed be a night to remember…